Dino Adventure Park & resort is MP's first and India's 4th dinosaur fossil museum and entertainment park. Located approximately 4 km away from Mandav, is the perfect place for everyone to enjoy their weekend. The fossilized remains of flora and fauna from 6.5 crore years ago at this park, have attracted several tourists from across the globe. Fossils excavated from the Narmada basin find a pride of place here. You can find fossils of starfish skeletons, bones and teeth, dinosaur eggs, etc. The park now houses exciting adventure rides and a cafe-restaurant for park and resort visitors, 

Unique Attractions at Dino Adventure Park: 

  • Astro park
  • Rock garden
  • Musical stones
  • Adventure rides
  • Amphitheatre
  • Swiss cottage room stay
  • Valley facing Gazebos 
  • Cafeteria/Restaurant

India has its own exquisite array of Cretaceous dinosaurs that lived here when all continents were a part of the giant landmass of Gondwana. The Narmada basin located in today's Madhya Pradesh is the richest source of dinosaur fossils since it was the home of Rajasaurus Narmadensis, the Narmada royal. For this reason, Dino fossil park has been established in Mandu, MP, and if you wish to enjoy a scenic route with a taste of natural history then, Dino adventure & Fossil Park is your perfect weekend getaway. 

The unique museum set up here, houses excavated fossils from the Narmada basin, which is home to the rarest, most-significant inter-trappean fossils that can unfold the deep mystery about early life on earth. We have the largest petrified tree fossil found in India, a 6 to 7crore-year-old fossil of Gymnosperm tree species. It is believed that this fossil can help in understanding the evolution and development of life on earth thereby, putting several assumptions to rest.


Dino adventure Park & Resort is located on the Dhar-Mandav road, near kakda kho waterfalls. The park is open from 10 AM to 7 PM, seven days a week. Museum timings are from 10am to 6 pm everyday. 

(Note: In light of events highlighting damage to fossils and museum property, guests are requested to handle everything that has a connection with natural history with extreme care during your visit. Any damages to the fossils, adventure park or resort property will result in a fee charged as fine for the damage done to be recovered from the party found accountable for the same.)